"Playing" the Person You're

I believe, that someone has some "bad attitudes"
and, how did you feel to your heart, if you're getting mad with it?
and, how did you feel when you had to play your "bad attitudes" outside
the sides which no one can know it?
I've ever seen this
about myself was playing it,
being arrogant, cocky, and selfish
that's totally annoying

but, from the stage, I realized
You can't trust the bad image then
You can try to against them
And, you still have a chance to change
Every second, every minute, every hour,
are chances to choose

Thanks to all my beloved friends
have taught me some precious steps
to see the world,
have allowed me knowing my true self

even though,  the stage was over,
the life must be going on
just a word of thankyou
and a little prayer
for you