"Have you ever walked on the thorny way? Have you?" said Ubay one day.
"Ya, of course," Umar answered.
"How did you walk it?"
"I really did carefully. So I could do without any thorn in my foot."
"That's the real Taqwa means." said Ubay bin Ka'ab.

Islam and Taqwa.

All of us, have been explained that Taqwa is do what Allah asked to us and go away from the things're prohibited. That's right. But, have ever we thought about the thorny way in front of us? Have ever we realized it?

So, Ubay bin Kaab said that we're walking on it, nowadays. We are on it. Then, there's a picture we're pulling the thorn one by one. Kicking it out. Maybe, that's totally tired, but we're fighting for it. So, Allah can do the promise to us. Giving us the Jannah. Is it wonderful?

The taqwa may not easy. But, surely with Allah's help, we can do it. Although it's hurt, it's painful in early, be strong. There's He who always keeping an eye for you.

Well, that's the point. I just read an amazing article about this. Taken from Nurul Hayat magazine, part 110, March 2013. Maybe, this will give you some "anusual experience".